2. Product creation
  3. Yarning


Yarn making

The main products of ten-i muhou are made of our own original yarn. Yarning, by taking full advantage of the unique characteristics of the raw cotton material, predominantly determines the feel and texture of the final products. In one way this is similar to how a chef decides on the cooking processes based on the characteristics of the ingredients used that day. 

How thin can the yarn be? How many twists per inch? Should we use single yarn or two-ply yarn?* Should the thickness be uniform or varied? Top dyeing or yarn dyeing?** These are determined based on the intended use and texture of the final products. Through these processes our long seller items, such as Supima Angel, Slub Gauze towels, Whole garment, which uses organic “lily yarn,” a type of smooth yarn, and Double gauze pajama, which uses fine count “hosobante” yarn*** were developed.
* Two-ply yarn is made by twisting two single yarns.
**Top dyeing refers to a dyeing method in which cotton is dyed before spinning. Yarn dyeing, in which dyeing is done after the fiber is spun into yarn, is more common.
*** A fine count yarn. Thicker yarns are called “futobante.”