2. About us

About us


It was in the spring of 1993 that we started the production and marketing of organic products made from organic cotton, which was little known to the general public in Japan at that time.
We named our brand "ten-i muhou," which is an idiom that translates literally as "heaven clothing with no stitching" and is often used to describe the beauty of prose or poetry that is naturally composed with no artifice or labored expressions. As this name suggests, our aim is to deliver natural, comfortable, and beautiful products.

・We manufacture products that live up to our vision for the future, in which people and nature are in complete harmony.
・We deliver only reliable organic products by making sure that all production processes, from the cultivation of organic cotton, to spinning, weaving, washing/dying, and sewing, are third-party certified by the GOTS* (an international standard that defines requirements to ensure the organic status of textiles).

We wish to guarantee these two things to every customer. It would be our utmost pleasure if ten-i muhouh organic products, which are all born from this wish of ours, bring about happy changes in the daily lives of our customers.

* GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. It is an international certification program for organic textile production offered by Control Union Certifications (CUC), a Dutch inspection body for organic production that is one of the most proven organizations in the area of organic certification. For more information, please visit this address.What is certifcation ?