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About us

Brand concept

Ten-i muhou organic products are:
・Made only from material certified to be organic by international certification bodies.
・The result of our pursuit of the best textiles of the times in terms of material, technology, functionality, and quality.

An integrated system to convert our concept into products

Our brand concept is supported by a system that controls all our production processes from the raw material production stage to the delivery of finished products in an integrated manner. The production of ten-i muhou products starts by visiting organic farms and spinning plants. This is because we believe that we cannot single out the best materials unless we inspect the quality of individual materials with our own eyes and hands. In fact, we do our utmost in all production processes that our products go through before they reach shop shelves to make sure that our brand concept is incorporated into all our products. However, this inevitably requires close cooperation and coordination with factories that carry out each of their respective processes for us. At present, we are working hand in hand with 40 Japanese factories with excellent technologies allowing us to deliver only products of superb quality, the fruits of our joint efforts. Our mottos are: “Be organic” and “Aim for the highest quality.”


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