2. Product creation
  3. Farms



Here is some information on two of the farms producing organic cotton which we use to manufacture ten-i muhou products:

・ Organic farm of Dosi Alvarez in the state of New Mexico, the United States
The majority of ten-i muhou organic cotton products are made from cotton harvested from this farm. Mr. Alvarez, who has been organically growing cotton on this farm for more than 20 years, is among the earliest organic cotton growers in the United States.
His farm is certified by the New Mexico Organic Commodity Commission and other certification bodies for its organic cotton, from seed to harvest, based on the National Organic Program of the United States Department of Agriculture.
On an interesting side note, the organic cotton seeds used in his farm are supplied by Sally Fox*, who is famous for her rediscovery of colored cotton.

* Sally Fox, an American entomologist, has contributed a great deal to the development of organic cotton cultivation in many different ways, including conducting research on the use of insects instead of pesticides for cotton growing and developing pest-resistant varieties of cotton. She has her own organic cotton farm in California and supplies seeds to other farmers. (The woman in the center of the photo is Sally Fox.)

・ SRI SANTHALAKSHIMI Farm in Southern India
This farm produces organic Suvin Gold cotton, which is said to be the highest-quality cotton in the world. It was certified by the Indian branch of Control Union Certifications (CUC) in 2009.

・ In addition to these farms, there are other organic cotton farms supplying raw materials for ten-i muhou products including those in the Deccan Plateau in North Central India, Peru, Turkey, Australia, and Zimbabwe. We also use raw cotton from these farms on an as needed basis on the condition that they are appropriately certified.